Top 8 Signs You Might Not Pass Your Exams

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Top 8 Signs You Might Not Pass Your Exams

Virginia Wooten, Treasurer

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1.You forgot they existed

I’ll be the first to admit that the realization of exams didn’t hit me until about last Wednesday, and let me tell you, it was a sad day. I know I am not the only one who forgot though! We can all crumble together!


2.Your exam will be your only grade for the Trimester

Picture this- you are stressing over your exams, Googling “how to calculate the lowest grade I can make on my exam and still have an A”. Some people don’t have this luxury, because some classes at RMA are different. In some AP courses. For example, the only grade in the class is your exam grade. Count your lucky stars, because it could always be worse. You could have classes that grade like college classes.


3.You haven’t received/started your exam review

It is already bad when you start your exam review later than you should have, but imagine not having the option to start it. Now that’s bad.


4.Instead of studying, you just complain about how much you have to study

Don’t deny it, we all do it! You’ll text your friend group’s group chat and whine for thirty minutes about how much you have to do, and then you’ll get sucked into the explore page on Instagram for an hour.


5.You are behind on your normal schoolwork, so you aren’t even thinking about your exams

You have to put the first fire out before you go to the next, you know?


  1. You either haven’t opened or haven’t purchased your textbook for the class

One word: doomed. You can’t even say “I don’t want to study” because you don’t even have the materials to study!


  1. You repeatedly say to yourself “I’ll just start tomorrow!”

And then you say that again, and again, and again, until BOOM! It is the night before exams start, and you start to say “I’ll just-” and then you are hit with the sudden realization that tomorrow is the big day.


  1. You become strangely calm because you have accepted your fate

Every student has reached this mentality at one point or another. It is almost like you had a nice, long talk with the Universe and have accepted that you will fail, and that will be the end of it. I mean it is just one exam, how much does it really matter in the long run anyways?