A Letter From the Senior Class to Underclassmen

Caroline Gay, Photographer

Dear underclassmen,

Some of the most common phrases you will hear a senior say is “I can’t wait to leave,” “I can’t wait to graduate,” or “I can’t wait to get out of this town.” But hear me out: don’t ever wish away your senior year or any of the time you spend here at RMA. Here’s why… It doesn’t get any better than this. Your time here at RMA is a huge pleasure, and most of you probably don’t even realize that yet. All of us so easily forget how fortunate our lives are. We are able to go to school and have a safe and friendly environment that not all students can experience when they go to school. Appreciate the friends that you have now because some of them will last a lifetime. Think about all of the sports here at RMA. You can play whatever you want to, and you aren’t required to try out and “make the cut” for them team. We get to enjoy automatic acceptance to any sport we wish to play, regardless of what skill each of us have for different sports. Remember all of the Homecoming dances, the Proms, and the fun get-togethers with your friends you have had and will have until you leave this place. Don’t roll your eyes (because I know you’re tired of hearing this), but your education is key and is setting the background for whatever lies ahead in your futures. Your parents pay a lot of money for you to come to RMA, so don’t take that for granted. Be thankful that you are able to come to RMA and make the most of every moment you spend while you’re here. Lastly, think about the best part–absolutely no uniforms. We have a freedom of fashion, so be grateful for that.

Another thing I want to draw your attention to is how it’s never a bad idea to think about the bigger picture in the back of your mind. The years that you’re living right now…this is the time for you before the real world begins. You don’t have any adult responsibilities yet, so stop stressing over the Geometry test that you failed or that soccer game that you lost last week or that English class you missed because you had a dentist appointment. It’s not the end of the world. A wise student once told me, “You’re not even going to remember that test next month. Don’t worry about it.” You know the one thing that makes everyone happy back to back every week? It’s Friday. No matter what happens during the week, Friday is a day that always remains pretty positive for everyone. Go to the football game on Friday night, or stay in with your family and watch a movie. Just make sure that whatever you do puts a smile on your face and the faces around you…because after all, happiness is contagious. Try not to spend your time complaining while you’re here. It’ll be over before you know it. Focus on the good, not the bad. Count your blessings and thank the people around you!

Sincerely, The Class of 2019


Below is a list of quotes that both current seniors and alumni want to tell you.

“Don’t take your time in high school for granted. Make the most of every moment you have.”

“Senior year will go by faster than you know it. Don’t get overwhelmed, work hard, and take it day by day.”

“It’s the last time you will ever be in a classroom with everyone you know. It’s the last time you will be able to see your best friends every day when you go to school. Take advantage of that, and live life to your full potential.”

“If you don’t know it by 11:00pm, you’re never going to know it. Go to bed.”

“Don’t forget to take time for yourself.”

“Life is about balance. Don’t overdo one thing too much or one thing too little.”

“If you think the shoes will give you blisters, don’t wear them.”