Senior Spotlight: Taylor Eilers


Ann Sumner Thorp, Editor-in-Chief

With her coffee in hand, every time Taylor walks into homeroom, it is immediately illuminated with both her smile and her great sense of humor. Taylor has been a part of our class for 4 years, and the senior class wouldn’t be the same without her. Those who know Taylor, know that her family owns Hunter Hill Café. She often works in the restaurant after school and on weekends, demonstrating her outstanding work ethic and dedication. In her advisory with Mrs. Lehnes, Taylor once surprised the group by bringing mac-and-cheese to share with everyone; now it’s expected! It’s safe to Taylor quickly became a favorite among the group. If you are ever in need of some of the best mac-and-cheese in town, you know who to ask! Virginia Wooten said this, “Taylor always tries to make you feel confident about yourself. She is always willing to compliment someone and say something nice about them.”


Not only does Taylor work hard outside of school, she also dedicates much of her time and energy inside of the classroom as well. Taking classes that emphasize both academics and creativity, Taylor has excelled in everything she has put her mind to. One of her favorite subjects is psychology which she quickly found a passion for at the beginning of her junior year in Ms. O’Brien’s psychology class. We have no doubt that she will do great things in the next four years.


If you have ever met Taylor, you know that her personality is both kind and vivacious. She has a fiery, yet caring spirit that those around her can’t help but admire. Her sense of humor brings joy and laughter to our class, and her thoughtful nature is seen both in and outside of school. She never passes up the opportunity to give a kind word or comment to someone. Even though she has only been at RMA for four short years, she has already made a big impact on the school and on our class. Caroline Gay said, “Taylor is not afraid to tell it like it is. Her feistiness is electric and charming. Her sassy-self never fails to tell stories and jokes that make everyone around her laugh but in a manner that uplifts people. The way she makes people around her feel good about themselves will never be forgotten.”