Introducing the Rocky Mount Academy Media Office


Not Pictured: Anna Claire Thompson

With the 2014-2015 school year, Rocky Mount Academy launches its new Media Office. This brand new class will be responsible for daily social media updates via Instagram and Twitter, weekly editions of the school newspaper, and a promotional video to be released at the conclusion of the school year.

Getting up to date in the digital realm, all Rocky Mount Academy social networking accounts will be controlled and monitored by Media Office students.  Through Instagram and Twitter, the Media Office aims to keep students informed and up to date on all aspects of life at Rocky Mount Academy.   In addition to these platforms, the Media Office, mainly our photographers, will also manage a Photobucket account to document school events in the form of pictures.  All albums on our Photobucket page will be linked to a Twitter or Facebook post for easy access.  As the program’s Social Media Chair, Anna Claire Thompson, states, “Social media has the ability to connect us as a student body and enables us to become a closer-knit community.”

In addition to posts and tweets, the Media Office will be releasing weekly editions to our brand new school newspaper, the Eagle Examiner.  Scheduled to be updated every Friday afternoon or Monday morning, the newspaper will cover at least one story from the following categories each week: student life, sports, current events, and opinion.  With a focus on keeping the student body informed in between yearbooks, the Eagle Examiner’s chief objective is to be run for the students, by the students.

The final Media Office responsibility is to plan, film, and edit a promotional video for the school.  This will be a year-long project for the program as we collect footage during trimesters one and two and begin work editing in the spring.  Once it is completed, the video will be used by the Rocky Mount Academy admissions and marketing teams to demonstrate a standard day at our school to prospective students.  To achieve this goal, the Media Office will be pulling footage from academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and the arts.

Advised by our new Director of Development Mrs. Bryant and Director of Admissions Mrs. Gross, the Media Office staff consists of eight upperclassmen.  Photographers, Lindsey Ross and Claire Stanovich, along with Social Media Chair Anna Claire Thompson, will primarily run our social networking accounts.  For the newspaper, Editor-in-Chief Colby Kirkpatrick, and Co-Editors, Olivia Turnage and Davis Brown, will oversee article assignments and their editing and publication.  Rounding out our staff are Secretary Landin Johnston, and Treasurer Brendan Acker, who will handle the day to day management of the program and act as liaisons from the student body to the Media Office.

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