Spring Break with Students


Saumya Salunke, Pre-K

Virginia Wooten

To put it simply, Spring Break is single handedly the reason students and faculty have sanity by this time in the school year. People sleep in, travel, and just relish in the fact that there is no school for a whole ten days! Students and faculty over Spring Break 2018 had wonderful times, from traveling across the world to catching up on sleep. Students and faculty had many things they loved and enjoyed about their time away from school.

Ms. Forero, High School Spanish teacherĀ 


Chandler Gazaway, 11th
Tom Qian, 10th
Will Stewart said, 11th
Macie Barnes, 11th
Vivian Rogers, 10th
Ann Margaret Taylor, 12th
Sarah Stancavish, 9th
Saumya Salunke, Pre-K
Kennedi Webb, 1st
Delmar Rouse, 1st
Will Wooten, 8th
Roslyn Smith, 4th
Holly Brantley, 12th
Alex Gardener, 7th