Top Ten Signs of the End of the School Year

Haven Ross

It is a common held belief that the winter months are the longest months of the year. However, once February is out the door, the rest of the school year seems to fly by! By May, members of the RMA family are left wondering where the time went. There are many signs every year that hint to the fact that the school year is coming to an end! For those who are in need of encouragement to finish the year strong, the end is nigh. For students and faculty who don’t want to part with the faces of RMA (or the new building!) just yet, savor every minute we have left! No matter which camp you fall in, look for these signs around campus that show that the third trimester is in full swing!


  1. Sports: With warmer weather comes the outdoor sports of spring! The baseball, soccer, softball, and track teams take their athletic skill outdoors during the last athletic season of the year. All of our spring sport teams have started their seasons with incredible records, conference and non-conference. Come on out and show support for our athletes!
  2. Spring Musical: Every year, the upper school puts on a play during the third trimester to end the year with a bang! This year, the talented actors and actresses of our school have been working since December to put on Grease. The play is showed at the Imperial Centre at 7:30 on March 22 and 23
  3. National Honor Society: Every spring, the National Honor Society induction ceremony takes place. Current members of the society welcome new members from tenth to twelfth grade who have earned a 4.2 grade point average. They also recognize the juniors who will serve as marshals at graduation.
  4. Spring Break: Spring Break is one of the most celebrated signs of the end of the school year. Students get a week off from school, and they often travel anywhere from the beaches of North Carolina, mountains out West, or out of the country. This break offers a preview of summer to faculty and staff. Let the countdown begin!
  5. Spending independent study outside: Warmer weather signifies that summer is approaching. The best sign of this change in weather is the occupied benches and picnic tables in the courtyard. Students often take advantage of the nice temperatures the end of the year brings, spending independent study halls and classes outside.
  6. Prom: Prom is one of the most celebrated events for juniors and seniors every year. The process begins during winter for the junior class as they choose the theme and make decoration choices. The actual event takes place late in the year, usually in late April. As the last months of the school year come closer, you will notice cute “promposals” and dress and tuxedo shopping trips!
  7. Nature Walks: The temperate weather of the end of the year allows some lucky science classes to take nature walks! Mrs. Lehnes and Dr. Koszelak are known for taking their classes outdoors to see the nature that they learn about when inside the classroom. A favorite for many students is getting to explore and catch wildlife of the creek!
  8. Talk of exams and early AP Exams: The end of the school year also brings the pressure of final exams and AP Exams. Seniors try their best to keep their tardy count in check, so they can get exempt from their exams. Students in AP classes begin testing in early May, which becomes a time of incredibly high stress for students. Soon after, middle and upper school students face three days of exams before enjoying sweet summer time!
  9. Athletic and Academic Banquets: The end of the year is the time to look back at all the academic and athletic accomplishments students have made. One week night, all athletic teams get together in the gym for dinner, speeches, and awards to recognize the stellar athletes of RMA. On the morning of graduation, the school gathers to celebrate the academic accomplishments of the year and recognize the seniors.
  10. Yearbooks: Nothing signifies the end of the school year like getting your yearbook. The yearbook staff works tirelessly to produce a great book to commemorate all the events of the year with pictures and captions. Students swarm to sign each other’s yearbooks, and some students ask teachers to sign their names. Everyone loves yearbooks!