Top 10 Things Teens Are Too Used To

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Top 10 Things Teens Are Too Used To

Top row (juniors; left to right): Haven Ross, Georgia Morris, Virginia Wooten, Ann Sumner Thorp
Seated (seniors; left to right): Elias Moore, Holly Brantley, Lauren Seale

Top row (juniors; left to right): Haven Ross, Georgia Morris, Virginia Wooten, Ann Sumner Thorp Seated (seniors; left to right): Elias Moore, Holly Brantley, Lauren Seale

Top row (juniors; left to right): Haven Ross, Georgia Morris, Virginia Wooten, Ann Sumner Thorp Seated (seniors; left to right): Elias Moore, Holly Brantley, Lauren Seale

Top row (juniors; left to right): Haven Ross, Georgia Morris, Virginia Wooten, Ann Sumner Thorp Seated (seniors; left to right): Elias Moore, Holly Brantley, Lauren Seale

Georgia Morris

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Editorial Note: Please note that this list was verbally compromised by the ENTIRE Media Office. This article is not intended to sound self-absorbed or immature. This article is intended to ask adults to remember, just for a moment, what it was like to be a teenager and to ‘walk a mile in our shoes.’ As always, the pen is mightier than the sword. Thank you- The Media Office Staff.


The time of being a teenager is full of fun times and learning new things about yourself. We can drive, spend time with our friends, and stay out late on the weekends. Although we all cherish this time, there are certain issues that come with being a teenager. Teenagers aren’t kids anymore, but aren’t adults yet. Being a teenageer can carry a certain stigma in the eyes of other generations. Here are some common things that all teens experience, and honestly we’re quite tired of:


  1. Being tired

Although being tired is not unique to just teenagers, it is definitely something that affects us. It seems like all teenagers are tired almost all of the time. Between school, extracurriculars, and everything else going on in the life of a teenager, there’s only limited time to sleep, and it’s not enough to recuperate from all the activity. When some people hear teenagers complain about being tired, they tell us to get more sleep. We’re too busy! Then they tell us to drop something. We can’t! In order to follow the paths we’re expected and to fulfill the expectations of others, we have to do a little bit of everything. Also, we’re still growing! All we want is a little more sleep in our lives and a little bit less caffeine.


Teen Quote: “I can’t even sleep on Saturday. I have to take the SAT.” –  RMA junior


  1. Being told to change our appearances

Ripped jeans, too much makeup, no makeup….there’s almost always something about a teenager’s appearance that someone else tells them to change. Whether it’s a family holiday or just a passing in public, many teens experience older people openly telling them to change things about their appearances. We’re expected to just take the “criticism” with an awkward laugh and a smile, but some of these remarks really bother us. A lot of teens are already uncomfortable with some of the aspects of their appearances, and these open remarks can hurt self-esteem. Just because we’re younger than some of the people telling us these things doesn’t mean that it is okay. Why can’t we express ourselves how we are comfortable?


  1. “These are the best times of your lives”

Many times when teenagers complain about something, lots of adults will reply with, “You better cherish these days. These are the best times of your lives!” Yes, high school is a great time in our lives. I love spending time with my friends and living the high school experience, but are these really the best times in our lives? What about college? Having our dream jobs? Raising a family? While high school is great, I think all teenagers can agree that we have so much to look forward to!


  1. “Back in my day”

The world is changing everyday. New technology, changing politics, social issues, and so many other aspects have changed our society. Today’s society is different than the societies that our elders grew up in. Teenagers are very familiar with the “back in my day” stories that we’re told by those older than us. Usually, the stories are being told to criticize something that teens do today and compare it to another era. We like hearing stories from our parents or other adults, but when people always are always using these stories to put down what we do, we get tired of it. Society is changing everyday! Every generation is different than the ones before, so there are bound to be differences.


  1. Being thought of as irresponsible

One of the most common thoughts about teens is the “reckless teen” reputation. Some people look at teens like we are completely irresponsible and can’t be trusted with anything because of a silly reputation that is somehow applied to an entire age range. Yes, some teenagers are reckless, but there are plenty of reckless adults too! If anything, teens are tired of this one because it is just simply annoying.


  1. Yet, being given too many responsibilities

The entirety of teen-hood is basically one big paradox, as the rest of life is. Lots of people look at teens as if we are irresponsible, yet we are loaded down with what sometimes seems like an unmanageable number of responsibilities. Between school, sports, extracurriculars, family, and  personal life, teens manage to juggle our responsibilities while some still don’t see the work. From helping care of younger siblings to taking on an entire project, the responsibilities that are given to teens sometimes feel a little overwhelming.


  1. Not being taken seriously

The same view of teens that says we’re irresponsible plays a role in this one too. A lot of people don’t take teenagers seriously. We’re in that weird stage between being a kid and being adult, where we’re supposed to grow up, but not grow up too fast. This creates a very unfair position for us. Sometimes when teenagers have legitimate issues or arguments, we’re brushed of with “Oh, he/she is just being a teen! They’ll get over it.” Are our issues and arguments less valid than anyone else’s simply because of our age? Are we not allowed to have real issues and real ideas? Will this article even be taken seriously?


  1. Competitiveness in school

A little bit of healthy competition is great. However, competitiveness today in school can sometimes reach very unhealthy levels. Today, getting into college is extremely competitive, but it is not only that. Teenagers feel like we are constantly being compared to one another. Some of this competitiveness comes from ourselves. We ask one another about test grades, hoping that we got higher than someone else. But this competitiveness also has another source. We are constantly compared and pitted against one another by adults, whether they be our parents or someone else. We know that we’ll always be compared to other people in our lives, but this competition can become toxic at times, and can completely take away the true purpose of what we’re in school for.


  1. Everyone is supposed to take the same path  

A lot of teens feel as if we are all on the same path in life. Since we were young, the plan has always been laid out for us. Do well in school, play sports, join every club, do community service, go to camp, sign up for every extracurricular you can, and build your resume. After that, if you’re from around here, the next step is to go to UNC, NC State, or maybe another choice. Our whole lives, we’ve been steered on the exact same path. I have nothing against this path. I think it works, and it leads to a very successful life — for some. However, not everyone thrives in the same situations as everyone else. We’re always told that we’re supposed to be individuals and stand out, but at the same time we’re all supposed to do the same thing. Teenagers are tired of being bricks in the wall.


  1. Expecting us to know what we’re going to do with our lives already

“Where are you going to college? What are you going to major in? What do you want to do when you get out of college?” To every teenager who gets asked these questions, they all mean the same thing: decide your plan for the rest of your life right now. Of course, we do need to be thinking about where we want to go college and have an idea of what we’re interested in, but we have no idea what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives. Choosing the right path for the rest of your life is a daunting task, and having to do it when you’re in a stage of your life where you’re barely able to choose your dinner for the night is a complete enigma. Sometimes, we try to be honest and just say that we don’t know, but that usually brings on a whole new conversation about how unprepared we are (granted, some of us are).  Most people about to graduate college don’t even know what they’re going to do when they get out, so why do people think we do?

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