Across the Country in 33 Days


Virginia Wooten

In the heat of June, fifty-two rising sophomores congregate in Winston-Salem to attend a month long trip of a lifetime called Grand Western Tour. This past summer two of Rocky Mount Academy’s sophomores, Megan Seale and Eliza Myers, attended this once in a lifetime Grand Western Tour. Many people from RMA have attended in the past such as Deanna Mayo, Thomas Griffin, Lindsey Ross, Lucy Rose, Christopher Gardner, Haven Ross, and myself included. Western Tour is a thirty-three day bus tour of the western United States that stops at major landmarks, notable tourist spots, and allows participants to meet strangers who will become family by the end of the trip. Visiting thirteen states in all, the group travels through Kentucky to Wyoming, towards the west coast and back towards Texas. A little over a year ago I attended this trip and am so thankful I did. I encountered people who became my best friends, saw places I never knew I would be able to see, and made some of my favorite memories. This is what Megan and Eliza had to say about their once in a lifetime trip.

1. What was your favorite stop on the tour?
Megan: San Francisco – I was most excited to go there and absolutely loved it.

Eliza: Jackson Hole WY

2. What would you do on the long bus ride?
Megan: I would sleep, listen to music or watch the movies on the bus screens.

Eliza:Netflix, the game Ballz (literally everyone on the trip played it), looking out the window, and Advil PM saved my life.

3. Did you get homesick any?
Megan: Not really, the days were so busy that I never really felt homesick except when my mom would call to check on me.

Eliza :Only a little bit in the beginning or once when I was sick

4. What was your favorite activity?
Megan: My favorite activity was sitting at the bonfire with everyone at the guest ranch in Montana and talking.

Eliza: The Ranch in Montana.

5. Where was the weirdest hotel you stayed in?
Megan: The Menger Hotel- IT’S HAUNTED.

Jot’s Resort and Motel in Gold Beach Oregon

6. What did your friends think about Rocky Mount?
Megan: Some girls were from Parrott talked about athletics between our schools and a few other people drove through Rocky Mount on their way to the beach. Only three of us were from Rocky Mount.

Eliza: What everyone thinks of Rocky Mount; small town in the middle of nowhere…