Guest Speaker: Ashley Underhill-Miss Greater Carolina

Julia High, Marketing Chair

On Friday, March 18th Ashley Underhill, Miss Greater Carolina, came to speak with our upper school students about safe driving.

Ms. Underhill shared the story of her younger brother, Chase, who passed away in a car accident while racing 4 years ago. She used her loss to encourage the sophomore, junior, and senior students not to give in to distractions while driving. She emphasized the importance of choices and how just a couple seconds can impact your life, other drivers’ lives, and the people in your life. To show how many people our choices behind the wheel truly effect, Ashley brought the tailgate of her brother’s truck that had over 2,500 signatures from his loved ones. Ms. Underhill and her mom encouraged drivers to think of others and how your life affects hundreds of people around you. She not only is trying to reiterate how teens and adults treat their responsibility as drivers, but your responsibility as a passenger as well. She said passengers also have the responsibility of making good decisions and not putting themselves in a dangerous position. Ms. Underhill tells her brother’s story in hope that other families do not have to go through what hers did.

Ms. Underhill and her family even started a non-profit organization, Choices for Chase, to raise money for the William Daniel Chase Underhill Memorial Scholarship programs. This program has helped several students further their education. Due to Rocky Mount Academy’s appreciation for this fundraiser and for Ms. Underhill to come and speak to the students, RMA presented Choices for Chase with a $150 donation.  Upper school students thoroughly enjoyed Ashley’s message and took to heart to be safe drivers and to watch the choices they make behind the wheel.