Spring Break


Juhee Desai, Co-Editor

This spring break was unquestionably memorable. For some, it was about getting away or catching up on some much-needed rest to reset and successfully complete this final stretch of school; for others, it was about preparing for things that aren’t possible during school due to all the busyness; finally, for a few students, break was a continuation of school-related extracurriculars.

The RMA baseball team spent their spring break facing some tough competition in order to prepare for the state tournament, even practicing the afternoon of Easter Sunday to prep! Monday, the team took a trip to Fleming Stadium in Wilson where they faced Southern Nash High School. Jordan Wright was the best overall hitter, while Carson Cross had the winning hit, leaving the score at 3-0 in favor of RMA. Tuesday, the team returned to Fleming Stadium to face Northern Nash High School. After an extremely close game, the boys unfortunately lost by just one run with a final score of 6-5. We are definitely proud of all the baseball players and the extra time they put into doing their best!

Some other high-achieving students spent their spring break preparing for a summer job! Isabella Daza and Gabe Henderson both attended the lifeguard courses at the YMCA. They took a three-day course from 9 am to 4 pm every day. First, they had to take an online class and then began learning about rescues and CPR procedures. They spent the next couple of days learning how to save lives by practicing in the pool. Gabe said, “It was definitely intense but prepared us well.” Agreeing with him, Isabella reported that “it was very tiring but cool.” Don’t worry that it was all work and no play, though: to relax after a job well-done, Isabella spent some time napping and visiting Strawberry City for the best ice cream!

A good number of RMA students spent a few days out of town–some close to home, some further away. A few trips included visits to some of the South’s greatest cities: Nashville, Tennessee; Savannah, Georgia; and Charleston, South Carolina. While most of us stuck close to home, some took trips overseas–or at least outside of the continental US. A group of senior girls took a trip to Treasure Key in the Bahamas to “treasure” their last few months together as seniors before they go their separate ways for college. Mary Kimbrell Livermon said that they hung out near the house they rented and explored the island, giving them the chance to meet tons of nice people. On Easter Sunday, they visited a Bahamian church where all the people were extremely welcoming and kind. RMA also held a school-sponsored trip to France and Switzerland that’s detailed in Gabbi Ams’ article; it’s definitely worth checking out!

Regardless of where we went or what we did, this spring break was a memorable one, and we are ready to face our last month of school before the summer!