Senior Spotlight: Cooper Stutts


Sarah Cathryne Coltrane, Treasure

One of this week’s senior spotlights focuses on Cooper Stutts, who came to RMA in the 6th grade as a terrific addition to the class of 2023. All of Cooper’s classmates know that his defining trait is his wonderful sense of humor. His friend Kent Brantley says, “Cooper is loyal to all of his friends and makes everyone around him laugh.” It’s true that whenever you are spending time with Cooper, he is sure to get you laughing, making him a friend everyone wants to have. Not only is Cooper loved by his classmates, but he is also adored by his teachers. Cooper’s eagerness to learn coupled with his funny personality allows him to bring all sorts of creative ideas and opinions to the classroom. 


Cooper enjoys learning about a variety of subjects. This year to broaden his knowledge, Cooper has decided to tackle a strenuous course load including Spanish 4, Honors Calculus, AP Biology, and Advanced English 12. Rounding out his classes are Sports Medicine and Music Performance. Balancing academics and athletics is a tricky task but one Cooper was easily able to master. As a member of the basketball, swimming, and tennis teams, Cooper is very dedicated to staying active. He finds that in these sports, he cherishes the bonds he is able to create with his coaches and teammates. Cooper especially excels in the swimming pool and has received several offers from colleges to continue his swimming career at the next level. 


Cooper’s commitment to enriching his school community has led him to join the Spanish Honor Society, FCA, and the Global Studies Honors Program. Taking on an active role as a member of all of his clubs, Cooper is always looking for new ways in which he can aid his fellow classmates. Outside of studying and participating in his clubs, Cooper enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, or practicing his newfound hobby of skateboarding. 


Looking forward, Cooper has a bright future ahead of him. He has applied to East Carolina University, Virginia Military Institute, William Peace University, Randolph College, Gardner-Webb University, and Hampden-Sydney College. Cooper plans to major in computer science but is also open to taking an assortment of classes in order to discover different passions he might have. Everyone at RMA knows Cooper will flourish at whatever college he decides to attend, and we wish him luck on his next adventure!

Get to know Cooper!

  • Describe your dream vacation. 

I don’t care for any particular place as long as it has good food.

  • Who is your role model? 

Kent Brantley

  • What is something nobody knows about you? 

I have multiple offers to swim in college.

  • If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring? 

Tent, Music, and Hot Pockets.

  • What will you miss about RMA?

 I will miss the people I met here.

  • What is your funniest story at RMA?

 Landon dancing to the fire alarm.

  • What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman? 

Don’t take yourself so seriously, and be yourself.

  • What class would you take again? 

9th Grade Biology