Senior Spotlight: Mark Weaver


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

This week’s senior spotlight is starring our very own Mark Weaver, a lifer here at RMA! Mark has left a lasting impression on our school since his arrival in Pre-K. He is one of the first to offer a helping hand and he has absolutely earned the respect of his teachers and peers. Mark describes himself as “chill and funny,” which everyone would agree is accurate; he is an easygoing guy with an incredible sense of humor. Close friend Timoni Barnes says, “Mark has become one of my good friends over the past few years; our first time hanging out was at his birthday party and it has been uphill from there. One of the best moments was riding bikes 32 blocks in New York.” Clearly, Mark is an extraordinary friend and is always down for an adventure.

Mark is a very focused student and a great classmate. His senior year course load consists of Ecology, English 12, and Algebra 3 Trig. He also lets out his creativity in Ceramics and Music and expresses his love of athletics in Sports Management. One thing you may not know about Mark is that he is very artistically talented. He is extremely humble about his ability in the art room, but his drawings and pottery pieces are incredible. Mark also enjoys gathering with other Christian athletes at FCA, graciously gives back to his community as a member of Key Club, and volunteers with the Exceptional Children through the Stronger Together club. Clearly, Mark takes advantage of the opportunities that are here at RMA. 

It is no secret that Mark is a natural athlete. He has been playing soccer since he was three years old and is a key member of the RMA Varsity boy’s team. If you have ever attended a game, you have surely seen Mark in action. When he is not at school or playing soccer, Mark can be found working at the popular Rocky Mount restaurant, Westridge Grill. Mark is a very dedicated and hardworking employee. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and working on his truck in his free time. 

As for future plans, Mark will be attending East Carolina University in the fall. Although he is currently unsure of his major, I am confident that Mark will excel at whatever he puts his mind to. His likable nature, helpfulness, and loyalty are sure to take him far. Saying goodbye to an RMA lifer is always difficult, but we wish Mark the best of luck in all that is to come!


Get to know Mark!

  1. What is your favorite movie? American Sniper
  2. Describe your dream vacation. To go to the Bahamas with friends
  3. Who is your role model? My dad
  4. What is something nobody knows about you? I have 3 older brothers.
  5. If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring? Toilet paper, water, my dog
  6. What will you miss about RMA? soccer
  7. What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman? To be productive 
  8. What class would you take again? Dr. K’s