Senior Spotlight: Emma Everette


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer

This week’s senior spotlight is on a member of the Class of 2023 that has been a great addition to RMA since her arrival in the sixth grade: Emma Everette. When asked for three words to describe herself, Emma uses kind, easygoing, and genuine. I couldn’t agree more. Her positive attitude and effect on others have not lessened during her time at RMA. She never fails to make her classmates smile and laugh throughout each and every school day, and her calm and laid-back nature gives me a different perspective when I am upset. She is dedicated to being a great friend to those around her. No matter the issue, Emma will listen and sympathize while also helping you find the solution. 


In addition, I’d like to add another word: helpful. Emma is the first person to offer to help a person in need of an extra hand. Whether it is helping with the Exceptional Children’s Class or cleaning up after an event, you can always count on Emma. I can say with utmost confidence that I have never seen a day that Emma has not offered her assistance in some way. No matter what she has going on, she is always willing to put others first. Her classmate and friend Ella Gray Corey says, “Emma is without a doubt one of the most genuine people I know. One of my favorite qualities about her is that she always strives to make people happy. She always knows what to say when I’m having a bad day, and she is always willing to be there to just listen. She never fails to make me smile even when I don’t want to. Although she is not sure of where she will be next year, I am certain that she will succeed wherever she goes in college and in life. I am forever grateful for her, my best friend.”

Emma also keeps herself busy with a rigorous academic schedule. She is currently enrolled in AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, Honors Calculus, and English 12 Honors, while also taking Ceramics and Sports Management. Her academic efforts earned her Academic Excellence in Honors US History during her junior year. Along with her academic classes, Emma is also an active member in numerous clubs at RMA. She is a member of the Stronger Together Club, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, Senior Beta Club, Anatomy Club, and Global Studies. Emma is also dedicated to making her community a better place through her community service. She is a member of a local service club, Debuettes, where she has been an active member since freshman year. Another important way Emma is involved within her community is through Girl Scouts, which she joined in second grade. Currently, Emma is in the process of earning her Gold Award by spreading awareness about Melanoma at Benvenue Elementary. 

Despite the many hours she spends on academics and community service, Emma also finds the time to participate in athletics. During the fall, Emma is a member of the Varsity Girls Tennis Team, and in the spring, she is a member of the Varsity Girls Soccer Team. Her time at Benvenue Country Club has shaped her into the great tennis player she is today, and the countless hours Emma has spent on a travel soccer team growing up have transformed her into an amazing defensive soccer player. Her efforts on the soccer team have won her several athletic awards throughout her years at RMA. During her free time, Emma likes to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and go shopping. She also loves to go skiing out West with her family every year.

This year, Emma has applied to Meredith College, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and the University of South Carolina. She has already received acceptances from Meredith, East Carolina, and UNCW. We will miss Emma greatly, but we know she will continue to do great things in her time after RMA!


Get to Know Emma:

What is your favorite movie?

The Last Song


Who is your role model?

Both my mom and my dad because they have taught me so much.


What is something nobody knows about you?

I really want to drive a motorcycle.


If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

Music, face wash, blanky


What will you miss about RMA?

The family environment


What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman?

Do not procrastinate and enjoy everything RMA has to offer!


What class would you take again, and why?

Ceramics because I love being able to create things from my imagination.