AP Studying Resources

AP Studying Resources

Gabbi Ams , Photographer

AP exams are quickly approaching at RMA, and whether you’re struggling through an AP History course with Mr. Stone or an AP Science, Math, or English class, you’re not alone in the seasonal struggle. Taking AP classes is no small feat, and with exams looming over everyone’s heads, figuring out effective study methods can be stressful and exhausting. Thankfully, there are lots of different resources available to help you prepare for all your AP exams.


AP Classroom is a resource on the College Board’s website that has detailed videos made by AP teachers from across the country on each of the chapters in every unit. It is an excellent resource and one I have used myself many different times (especially before an AP Chemistry test).


 Fiveable has coverage of any AP you could ever need, from detailed topics to cram sheet PDFs on the entire course. Personally, it helps me with keeping track of time periods and more general information, and I find myself using it to review before a DBQ or SAQ. 


YouTube has amazing resources for all kinds of AP classes. At RMA, the most popular channel for AP History is Heimler’s History, which Mr. Stone frequently shares. La Money is also a great resource for AP Economics and AP Government & Politics. While much broader in topics, Crash Course by John Green is very helpful in many different areas of AP. 


Khan Academy is an official partner of AP, which means that its lessons are extremely reliable. I’ve used Khan Academy for many years at RMA, including their SAT prep program, and it’s been very helpful in subjects I struggle with. Even if you’re not currently taking an AP class, Khan Academy can be a useful resource. 


These are just a few of the numerous resources available across the internet, including your own personal Quizlet sets (or some made by classmates). AP season is a stressful time for all involved, so getting ahead of studying helps to lessen the study load you might feel in that last week of April. Hopefully, these techniques will help you to improve in your AP classes as much as they have helped me!