Hamlet Play at UNC


Gabbi Ams, Photographer

After some last-minute rescheduling due to a Covid outbreak among the cast, students in grades 10-12 had the opportunity to watch Shakespeare’s Hamlet, take a small tour of the campus, and talk with a few freshmen at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


The play itself was amazing, from the set to the acting, though this specific production of Hamlet had a few minor differences from the original play. Prince Hamlet was portrayed by Tia James, and while she is not the first woman to portray Prince Hamlet, her gender represented a departure from what RMA sophomores study each year. Unlike in most performances in which Hamlet is played by a female, the play acknowledged this change, with characters referring to Hamlet as “My lady” and “daughter.” These changes also meant that the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia was now representative of the LGBTQ community. There were also hints toward another couple, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, throughout the play as well.


Before the play, students took a short tour around UNC’s campus with help from RMA grads and current UNC freshmen Davis Epps and Shelton Honey. They walked with us around campus while talking about classes, dorms, and overall campus life. It was a great way to get an in-person feel for college life at UNC rather than just researching the school online.


After the play, we took a short break for lunch in two of UNC’s dining halls. Students split between Chick-fil-A and Bojangles before heading to the Student Store to shop for souvenirs before it was time to leave.


This trip was an amazing experience to get a feel for a very popular college at RMA while also incorporating Shakespeare. The English Department did an excellent job of rescheduling and working last-minute to make sure we could have this opportunity, and I’m sure the upcoming college tours will be just as amazing. Our Junior class is currently preparing to tour the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University, so this has been a very busy past few weeks for our Eagles!