RMA Events to Look Forward to this Spring


Carley Outlaw, Social Media Chair

The bleak winter months can have us feeling down, but with February approaching its end, we can almost smell the spring flowers blooming. With a couple of warm days last week, I know for certain that I have been yearning for a change of seasons. The third trimester is just around the corner, and it comes with so many exciting events at RMA! Continue reading down below if you need a boost of sunshine to tide you over until the warm, sunny weather is truly here to stay.

One thing about RMA is that there is talent in every corner. With practices having already begun, the Spring Musical–Mama Mia–is in the works. Students and parents of all ages will enjoy watching this production come springtime, making it a great all-school event that gets everyone involved. The play is set to hit the stages of the Dunn Center on March 21-23, so be sure to support our Drama Department and all their hard work! Fortunately, the fun does not stop there as far as plays this year. Our Exceptional Eagles will put on the play Finding Nemo, which will be available for all students to watch during the school day in the cafeteria. We are all so excited to see what will be a fantastic event and display of talent! 

The Fine Arts Department shines once again in the annual Spring Arts Festival that will be held on April 27 this year. Mrs. Hunter’s hard work as a teacher is certainly evident when her students display their masterpieces in many different mediums. From oil paintings to charcoal sketches, we love to see it all, and the ceramics classes always come up with some gorgeous pieces as well. Every year Nicholas DuPont graces us with his photography skills, so be sure not to miss his pictures!

Of course, the Eagles also excel on the fields as cleats have already begun to hit the ground hard. Softball, Baseball, Girl’s Soccer, Track, Golf, and Boy’s Tennis are in full swing this spring. Personally, there’s not a spring sport that I don’t enjoy watching, as the perfect weather makes for a great afternoon. Be sure to cheer on all teams to victory this year! Speaking of fields… Field Day is back on March 3! I am hoping to see the return of the hula hoop relay race with Lower School buddies, which was a crowd favorite back in the day. This day is sure to bring out the competitive spirit of Eagles of all ages!

Lastly, Upper School Students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of prom, which will take place on March 31. Juniors are teaming up with Ms. Knox and Ms. O’Brien to create yet another magical night filled with decorations and dancing. The seniors, however, wait behind closed doors guessing this year’s theme, and are on the hunt for the perfect outfit. Ms. Knox and Ms. O’Brien assure me that we seniors will experience a “promposal” from the juniors–something that has become a tradition in just the last few years–which adds another fun element to the event.