Super Bowl Recap


Sarah Cathryne Coltrane, Treasurer

This past Sunday we were all able to experience either in person or on TV the long-awaited Rihanna concert! Just kidding! This past Sunday we celebrated the 57th Super Bowl with an intense match-up of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Super Bowl is such a fun event that I look forward to every year. This year my family continued our tradition of inviting over our neighbors for a fun watch party. The guacamole was especially delicious… and the perfect comfort food for me to eat after the Eagles were unable to pull through with the Win.

As you can tell, I was personally devastated by the outcome of this game, as I was cheering for the Eagles, but I still thoroughly enjoyed watching it. You must admit both teams played a rather spectacular game. Tensions remained high throughout the game but especially at the start of the second half when the Chiefs came out with high energy following halftime. 

I do have to point out that the referees made some very questionable calls against the Eagles during this game. One in particular that really sent me over the edge was a call made in the first half of the game ruling that an Eagles player did not have full possession of the ball, leading to an incomplete pass. I was highly impressed that the Eagle players and coaches were able to keep themselves as composed as they did because I was anything but composed while screaming at the TV. 

This year for the half-time performance we had the queen herself, Rihanna performing. I absolutely loved this performance. I know a few people on social media have different opinions, but personally, I thought it was incredible. I would not have the courage to be standing on a platform 200 feet in the air performing in front of a packed stadium. I was also overjoyed with the song selection Rihanna chose. Ending the performance with “Diamonds,” my personal favorite, was an excellent choice to end the halftime show with a bang! 

 However you decided to spend your Super Bowl Sunday, and whether your team won or lost, I hope you were able to enjoy yourself as much as I was!