Honoring Turner Ingram


Mary Kimbrell Livermon, Photographer

As a school, we are sad to say that Turner Ingram, who graduated from RMA last year, passed away January 14th. Turner was truly a special soul who will definitely be missed by many. Turner had started his second semester at High Point University where I’m sure he made people smile on the daily. His brother, Carter Ingram, is a sophomore at RMA, and our hearts hurt imagining what he must be feeling.

In order to honor Turner’s legacy at RMA, this week we have decided to rerun his senior spotlight that was written last year by classmate Cooper Ams. If you also want to honor Turner, you can sign a book of condolences located in Ms. Ballance’s office (it will be given to Turner’s family soon) or make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, or the Epilepsy Foundation. In addition, RMA is planting a tree on campus in Turner’s honor that will remind students and teachers just how special Turner was to RMA. 


Reprinted from 2021-2022:

 This week’s Senior Spotlight is about an integral part of this year’s senior class, Turner Ingram! Turner joined the RMA family in Pre-K but left after four years. We were lucky to have Turner return to RMA in his freshman year, as he has made an impact since. When asked to describe himself, Turner used the words “Nice, funny, and friendly.” While these are perfect words to describe him, other words I would use to describe him include trustworthy, reliable, caring. I admire his reliability because no matter what problem arises, Turner is always there to lend a helping hand. When asked about Turner, close friend and classmate Christian Sawyer praised Turner’s ability to make any situation better with his sense of humor, saying, “Turner adds a lot to this year’s class, as he always has something funny to say when you least expect it.” The senior class would not be what it is without the laughs Turner provides us with!

Inside the classroom, it is safe to say that Turner excels. In his previous three years, he has taken multiple English and math classes, World Cultures, and French I and II for his foreign language. This year, Turner’s schedule includes AP Psychology, English 12, Algebra 3 and Trigonometry, AP Biology, and Ecology. Turner’s academic achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he is the recipient of multiple awards. These awards include A Honor Roll in 11th Grade, B Honor Roll in 9th Grade, Superior Work Ethic in Advanced English 10, and Excellence in Ceramics in 11th Grade. Turner says that his favorite class he has taken at RMA is Ecology with Dr. Wells, as Dr. Wells is his favorite teacher. Turner’s effort in the classroom has been quite evident over the past 4 years, and he will continue to prosper in the classroom in the future. 

In addition to his efforts in the classroom, Turner engages in many extracurricular activities. Turner is an active member in multiple RMA clubs, including Ducks Unlimited, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Key Club. Outside of school, Turner enjoys hunting and fishing, which help clear his mind. He likes to deer hunt on his family farm and fish on the Pamlico Sound. In addition to hunting and fishing, he also enjoys working on the family farm. While maintaining a busy schedule outside of school, Turner, admirably, is able to keep his grades up and maintain a social life.

When it comes to future plans, Turner has applied to many colleges to continue his academic career. These colleges include High Point University, Campbell University, East Carolina University, and UNCW. While Turner is unsure what he wants to major in, he is considering biology or business as his first choices. While saying goodbye to anyone in our RMA family is difficult, it is even harder saying goodbye to someone like Turner, who has been a member of the RMA community for a long time, despite his break in the middle. Wherever life takes Turner, we know that he will succeed in whatever he puts his mind to!


Get to know Turner!


What is your favorite movie?- My favorite movie is The Wolf of Wall Street


Three wishes?- To have more wishes, to make senior year go by faster, and to make money without working


Favorite quote?- “Don’t worry about getting trashed for being different, later on 

you’ll be remembered for keeping it real.” – Upchurch


If you were trapped on a deserted island what would you bring and why?- I would 

bring a bow and arrow because I can hunt animals and reuse the arrows.


What will you miss about RMA? – I will miss the teachers and how they helped 

me when I needed it.


What is your favorite memory at RMA? – When Mr. Stone shocked himself while 

plugging in a cord.


What is something nobody knows about you? – I am a huge introvert when it 

comes to meeting new people.