International Lunch Favorites


Gabbi Ams, Photographer

Last week was RMA’s annual International Lunch! Students brought in food from different countries and set up a big buffet-style display. It was a hit, as always, so I decided to talk to a few students who brought foods from different cultures. 


Carissa Spruill brought Drunken Noodles, a Thai stir fry dish. Audrey Roeder brought Australian Kiss Biscuits, which are basically two cookies with jam in the middle, topped with sprinkles. “It’s something I’ve grown up eating,” she said. Juhee Desai also brought samosas, a traditional South Asian dish. 


Eduardo Ruthes, originally from Brazil, brought a Portuguese dessert, Serradura. This simple but traditional dish is very common in Brazilian households. Known as “sawdust pudding,” the dish is made of alternating layers of crushed Maria Cookies and cream, sometimes topped with a fruit of choice, usually strawberries.


There were also many French dishes represented at the lunch, inspired by our very own Ms. O’Brien. Macarons and pouding de chômer, or poor man’s pudding, were among the French dishes, but the crepe station was the most popular by far. Ms. O’Brien’s crepes are a staple of the International Lunch, and it wouldn’t be the same without them.


The International Lunch is a great way for students to share their cultures with the rest of the school. Lots of different countries were represented this year. Mrs. Forero and Ms. O’Brien do an amazing job putting this lunch together each year, and I’m sure that it will just continue to grow!