Senior Spotlight: Reggie Branch


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

“Settle down please, settle down! Stay on task, stay on task and find something productive to do!” If you know the star of this week’s Senior Spotlight, Reggie Branch, you likely know of his famous substitute teacher impressions, his welcoming spirit and smile, and his positive attitude. Reggie used the words dedicated, kind, and funny to describe himself, and I would like to add the words optimistic and inclusive to that list. His close friend and classmate Stella Costa agrees, stating, “Reggie is a great friend and is always willing to help. He will always make you laugh and always has a beautiful smile on his face. Reggie is a good friend of mine and I will certainly miss him next year!” Whether you are a close friend of his, a classmate, an underclassman, or a teacher, Reggie never fails to say hello to everyone he passes in the hallway. Although Reggie has only attended RMA for three years, it did not take long at all for us to get to know Reggie’s friendly and upbeat personality.

Reggie definitely adds some laughter to every classroom, but that does not mean he is not hardworking and driven academically. His senior year course load consists of Ecology, AP Biology, Trigonometry, and English 12 Advanced. Reggie loves all things sports and fitness related, so the electives he is enrolled in are Sports Medicine and Weightlifting. Reggie has been recognized for his outstanding academic performance and efforts by receiving many awards: Highest Academic Average in English 12, Academic Excellence in AP Biology, Outstanding Effort in Spanish 2, and Outstanding Effort in English 11. While at school, Reggie is also a key member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

As you can tell from his senior electives, Reggie  shines athletically and loves sports! He is on the football and track teams and has played basketball in the past. In fact, he is even committed to Brevard College to take his football game to the next level! Reggie’s talent on the football team has also been recognized here at RMA as he received Honorable Mention and also made the All-Star team. Reggie is a key member of the track team and has been awarded MVP and the Coach’s Award for his contributions. Not only is Reggie talented in the sports he plays, but he also displays admirable sportsmanship, optimism, and confidence. In his free time, Reggie works out in his warehouse with his trainer for about two hours two to three times a week in preparation for college football next year. One thing you might now know about Reggie is that he loves bowling. To wind down, Reggie enjoys playing video games. Clearly, Reggie is very talented and stays very active!

At the beginning of the school year, Reggie applied to Brevard, Averette, Methodist, and Barton. He has signed on to further his academic and football career at Brevard College, and we are all so excited for him! It definitely will not be the same next year walking to class without a smile and a hello from Reggie. I think that I speak for all of my classmates when I say that we will miss him very much and can’t wait to hear about his success at Brevard!


Read below to learn more about Reggie:

What is your favorite movie? The Blind Side

Describe your dream vacation.  A trip to Hawaii 

Who is your role model? Micheal Jordan

What is something nobody knows about you? A lambroghini is my dream car

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring? Water, sunscreen, and a fishing net 

What will you miss about RMA? The family atmosphere 

What is your funniest story at RMA? The Haunted House this year–it was amazing to be a part of scaring the kids.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman? Be yourself and manage your time wisely.

What class would you take again, and why? Public Speaking because it was so fun and I had an amazing time.