Book Recommendations


Sarah Cathryne Coltrane, Treasurer

In 2023, many of our Eagles made a New Year’s resolution to read more books! Reading is a great way to improve your mental health as it reduces the amount of stress you can feel day to day. Reading also helps to improve your memory, ability to focus, and communication skills. Keeping these benefits in mind, the next time you are scrolling through TikTok before bed, try picking up one of these books–all recommended by your fellow Eagles–instead. 


Rachael Godwin, Grade 12, recommends We Were Liars, written by E. Lockhart. Rachael says this novel about a family who lives on their private island during the summer is an easy read, and she devoured this book in one day. Once she picked it up, she was glued to the pages! Her favorite part was of course the exhilarating plot twist right at the end. This is the perfect novel for someone who is trying to start reading or trying to get back into reading for enjoyment. 


Mrs. Ballance recommends The Wish, written by North Carolina resident Nicholas Sparks. This novel is about the life of a famous New York photographer who experiences love and loss. Mrs. Ballance enjoyed following the storyline, as the main character underwent the challenge of finding love. Since Mrs. Ballance enjoys reading novels that are set in places she has visited before, she was drawn to this novel set in the Outer Banks. She personally believes this would be the perfect book to read over a beach vacation. If you are already planning what you are going to be reading over spring break, make sure this is at the top of your list. 


Avery Cumpata, Grade 11, recommends Song of Achilles, written by Madeline Miller. This novel entails a tragic story about the Greek warrior Achilles and his partner. Avery said this book is definitely a tear-jerker, so maybe don’t read it if you need a little cheering up. The complex storyline made sure that Avery was never bored, as each page she turned brought new twists and turns. She would recommend this to almost everyone, as it is an easy and enjoyable book to read as long as you are okay with crying. 


Lena Abukaff, Grade 9, recommends Out Of My Mind, written by Sharon M. Draper. This is a nonfiction novel that describes the life of a girl trying to overcome her disability and fit in with her peers. Lena found this novel not only comical but also inspiring. She felt as though she was on a roller coaster while reading, constantly feeling multiple emotions at once. Lena believes everyone should read this novel due to the messages it has taught her–like the importance of acceptance and the power of empathy and understanding. 


Reading can be fun as long as you find the perfect book for you. One does not fit all;  therefore, you may have some trial and error, but stick with it! Trying out any of the recommendations listed above may help speed that process along. Books have the power to transport us to different worlds, teach us about who we are, and draw attention to the problems people face in everyday life. Once you start reading the perfect book, I promise you won’t be able to stop.