Senior Spotlight: Anna Everette


Mari Robin Tharin, Secretary

Personable, fun, and caring: these are all words that come to mind when thinking of the subject of this week’s Senior Spotlight: Anna Everette. Anna has been a close friend of mine since second grade, so when she joined our class at RMA in the sixth grade, I was ecstatic– and our friendship has only grown stronger since then. What makes Anna such an incredible friend is that she brings fun and light to any situation and is always the life of the party. She can make anyone laugh in an instant. Her other half, her twin sister Emma Everette, knows her best: “Anna is my built-in best friend who is never afraid to tell me when I’m right or wrong. As most others agree, her sense of humor and bubbly personality make her so much fun to be around. She really can make just about anyone laugh. Having done almost everything in life with Anna by my side, I can positively say she will always have your back.”

For her senior year, Anna is taking rigorous classes such as AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, and Algebra 3 while also enjoying  Art and Sports Management as her electives. Anna is very successful in the classroom, and her strong work ethic over the years has earned her a spot on the Honor Roll for grades 9-11 as well as an award in Spanish 1 for her eagerness to learn. She is also a key member of several clubs here at RMA: the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Stronger Together, Anatomy Club, and Key Club. One of the many reasons that Anna has been so successful at RMA is because she takes advantage of her opportunities and involves herself whenever possible.

If you have ever attended a Varsity girl’s sporting event, chances are you have seen Anna in action. I think it is safe to say that Anna is one of the most athletic girls in our class. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is also the teammate that every athlete and coach wants on their team. Anna played the #1 seed singles and doubles for our tennis team this year and had a commendable senior season. I have played tennis with Anna since we were old enough to hold our rackets, and she is one of the best teammates I have ever had. From laughter-filled car rides home after away matches to inside jokes at practice (botna) to playing beside her and cheering each other on at every match, tennis would not have been the same without playing with Anna for so many years. Not only is she an incredible tennis player, but she is also a star on the soccer team. She has played on the Varsity team since 8th grade, and playing on any Varsity team as a middle schooler is extremely impressive! Anyone who has the chance to watch Anna in action on the tennis court or the soccer field will notice her athleticism, drive, sportsmanship, and talent immediately. Outside of her athletics, Anna enjoys going to the beach, where she spends time fishing, and going skiing with her family. She is also a Girl Scout and is very close to achieving her Gold Award by planting a sensory garden here at RMA. 

As for future plans, Anna has applied to ECU, Meredith, and UNCW, and she has already been accepted into ECU! Anna has such a strong presence in the school hallways, on the courts and fields, at hangouts with her friends, and simply anywhere she goes, so naturally her absence will be felt next year. No matter which school Anna chooses to attend, I am confident that her personality and drive will ensure future success. We will miss Anna so very much, but we can’t wait to see what she will do next!


Get to know Anna:

What is your favorite movie? 

The Longest Ride


Describe your dream vacation.  

Greece or Italy


Who is your role model? 

My mom and my dad– I could never choose one; they have both taught me so much


What is something nobody knows about you? 

I used to play the violin

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring? 

My dad, my blankey, and tanning oil


What will you miss about RMA? 

The family environment and my friends


What is your funniest story at RMA?

 Being trapped in Mr. Herbert’s classroom and having to climb out of the window


What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman? 

Never be afraid to go to teachers if you are struggling. They are always willing to help. 


What class would you take again, and why? 

Dr. K’s science class because it was always so much fun