Best Christmas Movies


Gabbi Ams, Photographer

Every family has their own different Christmas traditions, but watching Christmas movies– whether it be in the living room with warm blankets and cocoa or in the theater itself for a more immersive experience–seems to be a universal tradition everyone shares. If you’re looking for some ideas of what to watch this holiday season, here are some of the best Christmas movies, from classics to some not-so-traditional movies:


The Classics:

  • Home Alone: A Christmas classic that the whole family is sure to enjoy, Home Alone follows young Kevin defending an empty house against burglars while his family is away during Christmas. The 5 movies following the original in the series make it the best for binge-watching this holiday season!
  • Elf: This follows a Human who, after he mistakenly ends up at the North Pole as a baby, must learn how to navigate the real world in NYC. Buddy the Elf is a Christmas icon, the holidays truly would not be the same without him or his holiday cheer.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas: This movie follows The Grinch, who hates Christmas and everything about it, as he overcomes his hate and learns its true meaning. A favorite among adults and children alike, Jim Carrey’s rendition of the grinch is a sure favorite every Christmas.
  • The Polar Express: Following kids aboard the Polar Express headed to the North Pole to see it at Christmas, this animated classic is a must watch in many households, a favorite among everyone who sees it.


Unconventional Favorites:

  • Die Hard: Although this movie isn’t the first to come to mind when you think of Christmas, Bruce Willis is always sure to deliver during the holiday season.
  • Iron Man 3: This MCU movie follows Iron Man as he tries to battle his way home in time for Christmas. This is another unconventional holiday movie, but who can go wrong with a mix of Iron Man and Christmas? I know I couldn’t!
  • Krampus: If you’re more of a horror movie person, this is the perfect mix of holiday cheer and holiday fear!


Whether you’re looking to curl up on the couch with a Christmas classic or an unconventional holiday action movie, these movies are sure to meet your Christmas standards. Some of the best holiday memories are made through this tradition, and I find myself counting down the days until these movies are on a constant repeat in the living room.