Thanksgiving Traditions


Juhee Desai , Co Editor

As we all know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, meaning another annual family event full of tradition. Every family has a different Thanksgiving tradition, whether it’s watching something special on TV, visiting family, cooking a special recipe, or starting to decorate for Christmas, so we asked each Media Office member what their favorite Thanksgiving tradition is.


For many, Thanksgiving weekend means the advent of the Christmas season! Our editor, Virginia Feagans, states, “My favorite tradition is going to pick out our Christmas tree the day after!” Carley Outlaw (Social Media Chair) shares, “My favorite tradition is when family and I get back from Thanksgiving dinner, we decorate for Christmas.” Virginia and Carley aren’t alone: multiple online outlets report that 43% of Americans start decorating for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend.


Others emphasize spending time with family. As Gabbi Ams (Photographer) lets us know, “my favorite tradition is watching the Macy’s Day Parade and football games at my grandma’s while we eat.”


While many of us have one favorite thing, some of us try to pack a multitude of traditions into that one special weekend. Mari Robin Tharin (Secretary) approaches Thanksgiving like she does school–by doing all the things! She says, “my Thanksgiving tradition is going to my grandparents’ house for lunch every year and then watching the Macy’s Day Parade. Then I check out the Black Friday sales, and the next day I get my Christmas tree.”


Ms. Knox, our advisor, tells us that her favorite tradition is actually unconventional, as they “always have a duck rather than a turkey.” My family’s Thanksgiving traditions are also unconventional. Every year the week before Thanksgiving, my whole family comes over and spends the week with us. On Thanksgiving, my cousins and I hang out all day and play games or football, and then late in the evening we finally all eat together. My favorite meals are mashed potatoes and a special savory pie that my aunt makes. Finally, we all stuff ourselves with at least five different desserts.


It’s so exciting to learn about everyone’s personal family traditions during this season. We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!