Cup of Kindness


Carley Outlaw, Social Media Chair

The thud of clay, grayer than clouds on a rainy day, smacks down against the table. You hear laughter and the sounds of sharp tools rattling against each other as Mrs. Hunter offers guidance on creating something amazing out of the gray blob in front of you. It smells of creativity, and there is no room for stress here. You’re in ceramics. Life is good. 


Recently, the Upper School Ceramics classes took on a project known as “Cup of Kindness,” where students were asked to create a cup of some sort and pass it along to a deserving someone. The recipient of the pottery could be a friend, parent, teacher, little buddy, or anyone who is in need of an extra dose of love. When asked why students chose the individuals who received their “Cups of Kindness” this is what they said:


“I made my cup for my mom. Flowers always remind me of her because she loves to receive flowers and also buy them for herself. The daisies on my cup are some of my mom’s favorite flowers, and daises always remind me of her, sweet and simple.” – Emma Everette


“I have decided to give my kindness cup to my mom to show my appreciation for everything she has done for me. My cup is a white cup with fun colored hearts all over it.” – Riley Bowles


“I am giving my cup to my grandma. I chose to put bumble bees on it because they remind me of her. Bumble bees are known for their bright yellow color, which represents happiness and optimism. They also remind us of peace and harmony. All of these traits reflect my grandma’s personality, so this is why I made it for her.” – Ella Gray Corey


Additionally, Mackenzie Davis made her cup for a faculty member here at RMA, April Whitehead, who teaches an Exceptional Children’s class. Anyone who knows Mackenzie can attest to her love for Ms. Whitehead’s class, and it is most likely the place you can find her spending any of her free time. Mackenzie’s cup features colorful puzzle pieces which represent and signify the complexity of the autism spectrum, making it truly a thoughtful and personal piece. 


The “Cup of Kindness” project is new to RMA, but it is one I hope to see continued in the future as it most certainly has touched the lives of others. After all, we could all use a little extra love and kindness in our lives!