Senior Spotlight: Paige Brown


Carley Outlaw, Social Media Chair

This week’s senior spotlight is one that has no shortage of talent or passion: Paige Brown. Having been with the class of 2023 since 2011 when she joined in Kindergarten, Paige has definitely made the most of her time here. Whether she’s acting in the school play, cheering at football games, or even giving a warm smile in the hallway, Paige is a woman of many talents. Her ability to excel in so many ways–outside of school, she rides horses and works at her family’s farm–is part of what makes her so special, and to know Paige is to love Paige! Close friend Astrid Skinner describes Paige as “ one of the most genuine and honest people she’s ever met.” Kiersten Carmichael says that “ Paige always gives the best advice!”


Not only does Paige thrive outside of the classroom, but she challenges herself within. This year she is taking Ecology, AP Psychology, English 12 Honors, Calculus Honors, Yearbook, and Theatre. Students and teachers alike can testify to Paige’s academic success, which has earned her Highest Academic Average in Physical Science and Excellence in French II.


As far as extracurriculars go, Paige is involved in many. A natural athlete, she has always been involved in sports. Paige played softball and volleyball until recently when she decided to focus all her time on riding. Paige rides with the school’s team as well as showing with her own trainer at Plum Tree Farm in Tarboro. She does many riding disciplines such as Hunter Jumper, Dressage, western, and cattle cutting.  Paige states that personally, she has won over 10 grand champions and reserve champions. Last year Paige received the sportsmanship award from a show circuit. Paige also currently cheers and has received a coaches award and MVP in volleyball, a coaches award in cheer, and a coaches award in riding. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that for as long as I can remember when seeing a play at school, Paige has had a prominent role. Starting in the 6th grade, Paige has been in Narnia, Charlotte’s Web (where she starred as Charlotte), Annie, Footloose, and, most recently, Little Me where she was the lead “Belle.” Along with drama, Paige shines in the art room and lets her creativity flourish most when it comes to portraits. Most people actually don’t know this about Paige, but she spends much of her free time drawing portraits of people. Paige is also involved in the yearbook where she crafts beautiful pages that reflect events from the school year. Her classmates can agree that Paige brings new and creative ideas to the table. Additionally, Paige is a part of the Kindness Club, National Honors Society, and Drama Club. 


Paige has applied to UNCW, APP State, and ECU where she has already been accepted. She plans to major in Criminal Justice and minor in forensics in college. It is safe to say Paige will go far in life and her passions will drive to her achieve whatever she sets her mind to. We wish her the best of luck in college and RMA will certainly miss her next year!


What is your favorite movie?

El Camino


Describe your dream vacation.

Probably a trip to Greece


Who is your role model?

My trainer’s daughter, Libby Fulford, is my role model. I have often been told that I am the younger version of her. I look up to her for her kindness, strength, responsibility, and riding ability. 


If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

My horse Robbie, cherry Pop-Tarts, and my sparkly belt that I wear 24/7


What will you miss about RMA?

The opportunity to ask teachers questions and receive help so easily.


What is your funniest story at RMA?

In 6th grade, a few of us were in Mr. Herbert’s old classroom, and the door got stuck so we all had to climb out of the window! 


What is one piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman?

Not to stress. Everyone will tell you to not stress and that everything will be fine, but that is very true. 


What class would you take again, and why?

American Lit. with Dr. O’Brien. Her class was so enjoyable for me and she made it that much better. I love the way she teaches you to think for yourself and that it is okay to interpret things differently than other people. 


What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend all my free time riding and hanging out with my best friends Ennis Faulkner and Zack Staton.