Blood Drive


Carley Outlaw, Social Media Chair

Rocky Mount Academy is home to many clubs that strive to better our school and our community. One, in particular, is the Anatomy Club that was started in 2017 by student Lauren Seale (Class of 2018) who desired “a health science club for students at Rocky Mount Academy focused on exploring health science professions through meetings with local doctors, dentists, and other professionals in medical careers.” The Anatomy Club’s mission is to help educate students and provide service opportunities that coincide with the club’s medical origins. Today, the club continues to serve and hosted a blood drive in the fall.


This year’s blood drive was held on Thursday, October 13, 2022. Rocky Mount Academy partnered with the Blood Connection organization so that all donations remain local. Most blood donation groups transfer blood products all over, but through the Blood Connection, you can be sure products will save lives in the Rocky Mount community. The Staff from the Blood Connection was terrific and incredibly organized. Participants who donated were pleased and all agreed they would do it again. The event was incredibly successful thanks to our very own registered nurse, Mrs. Epps, and hard-working Anatomy Club members. What is especially different about this year’s partner is that for each unit of blood given, the Blood Connection donates $10 to RMA! All donors will even receive a complimentary long sleeve T-shirt as a “thank you.”


The club’s goal was to collect at least 27 units of lifesaving blood products and it was thankfully met. With about 25 donors, the drive was able to raise around $250 for RMA. Way to go guys! Signing up for the blood drive was a terrific way to support RMA and give back to our local community, and we plan to host future blood drives with the Blood Connection. In the meantime, the club plans to have different activities around Christmas time, and a “Change for Change” fundraiser in the spring.