Eagles Nest News


Gabbi Ams, Photographer

For years, RMA students have listened to Ms. Covolo and other administrators each morning for the daily announcements that included everything they needed to know, from yesterday’s sports scores to what would be served that day for lunch. This year, things have changed, thanks to Mr. Powell, MS Science teacher and the Dean of 8th Grade. The Eagles Nest News team, made up of a small group of Middle School students, streams the morning announcements to each classroom. Recently, I’ve been in touch with Mr. Powell, who answered a few questions to help everyone better understand Eagles Nest News.


Early this summer, Mr. Powell shared “an idea on how to help our students and parents get a little more involved with the morning announcements” in a conversation with Ms. Covolo, who was excited about it and wanted to start the program very soon, which happened to coincide with the beginning of the school year. His previous experience as an Instructional Technology Facilitator with Nash-Rocky Mount Schools allowed Mr. Powell to develop many other morning news broadcasts before coming to RMA and has helped him minimize and quickly solve any technical issues that have arisen here.


So far, the Eagles Nest News staff consists of six 7th grade students, four in front of the camera and two behind. Mr. Powell says that “The students who are participating are really taking control over it. As they have gotten more comfortable with it, they are interested in trying some different things.”


When asked about the future of Eagles Nest News, Mr. Powell said, “We have a few things that will involve our lower school as well as some green screen options. However, we have to make sure that we don’t have any interruptions! Gotta be able to walk before we can run!” Mr. Powell has also said that “I [hope]  that the students and parents are able to see this and may see an opportunity for them in the future. Whether at RMA or actually on their own broadcast,” hoping to open doors for the students in the future.


Already seeing the talent in the Eagles Nest News team, I’m confident in saying that this program will continue growing and thriving!