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Holly Brantley
I, Holly Brantley, promise to uphold the responsibilities and honor of the Media Office by acting as Editor-in-Chief for the 2017-2018 school year. I promise to not only lead with integrity, but allow others to grow in their positions and to help encourage them. As well as all items previously stated, I promise to report honestly about the views taken from my fellow peers and from faculty and parents and will be watchful that this truthfulness is expanded throughout the entire Media Office. As this year’s Editor-in-Chief, I promise to do my best to lead, encourage, and maintain an exemplary level of character as I have been placed in this position.  
  1. What grade did I start RMA? I started in sixth grade.
  2. Why did I decide to participate in the Media Office this year? I’ve always loved the concept of newspapers and online stories (when I was younger, I actually used to write my own “newspapers” for family members!). When I saw that there were openings for this year, I jumped at the chance! I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to learn more about writing and further their writing skills all while highlighting exciting and important events going on around school.
  3. What is an interesting fact about myself that few people know? One interesting fact about me is that I used to write book reviews for a book store in Raleigh. On one review I wrote about a book, an author actually commented on my post and thanked me for reviewing!
  4. If you could identify with one book, what would it be (question courtesy of Virginia Wooten)? The book I identify most with is The Book Thief by Markus Zursak. In the Book Thief, the main character Liesel, must overcome difficult obstacles living in Europe during the height of the second World War. During this hard time, Liesel finds solace in books and writing and by doing this, finds more out about herself in the process. I identify with this because I think reading and writing have really helped me discover more about myself and in rough patches of my life provided me with great comfort.

Holly Brantley, Editor-in-Chief

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