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Haven Ross
Known for her infectious smile and cheerful personality, Haven Ross is an irreplaceable part of the RMA Media Office. Not only is she  a valuable asset to the Media Office, but Haven also adds her skills to the varsity tennis team, having played since she was just five years old. Haven’s expertise not only lies in extracurriculars, but also in challenging herself daily with a schedule rigorous with AP and honors classes. Whether it is on or off of the court, Haven’s funny, outgoing personality is sure to make a positive impact on every person she comes in contact with. There is no doubt that Haven will excel at her position as secretary and that her articles will always be a “racket.” To learn more about Haven, please read the following interview:


  1. What grade did you start RMA? I have been going to RMA since kindergarten.

  2. Why did you decide to participate in the Media Office this year? I joined Media Office because I have a love for writing and for RMA. There is no better way to combine these interests than writing for the school paper!

  3. What is one fact about yourself that few people know about? I think only close friends know that I love doing 1,000 piece puzzles. I can do them for hours! I also know how to moonwalk!

  4. What do you think your spirit animal is? My spirit animal would have to be a red panda. I saw one at the San Diego Zoo, and I just knew that was my spirit animal.

Haven Ross, Secretary

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