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Georgia Morris
Known for her dry sense of humor and relaxed personality, Georgia Morris is an excellent addition to the RMA Media office. Though only the second week of school, Georgia has already shone in her role as co-editor, coming up with multiple story ideas and helping other members find the best pun to put in their stories. As the President of Key club, Georgia has demonstrated her leadership skills and compassionate personality in organizing the club this year and getting it off to a great start. Georgia also finds time to dedicate herself to her studies, taking multiple AP and honors courses. As the full swing of school takes force, I look forward to seeing what stories Georgia will have “brewing” and know that they will surely “espresso” and reflect the feelings of the students, faculty, and parents of this school. To learn more about Georgia, please read the following interview:


  1. What grade did you start RMA? I came to RMA my freshman year.

  2. Why did you decide to participate in the Media Office this year? I decided to participate in Media Office this year because I think it is a super cool spin on the traditional school newspaper, and it allows students to become more involved in school events and stay in touch with everything that’s going on.

  3. What is one fact about yourself that few people know about? One fact about myself that few people know is that after I started going to Dunkin with classmates all the time at the end of last school year to study, I developed a crippling caffeine addiction. My first day of school this year was tainted by an awful headache that lasted all day because I thought I didn't need any coffee that morning.

  4. What would your six year old self say if she could see you now? I think that if my 6-year-old self saw me now, she'd probably be pretty confused about how she managed to time travel (also, she probably would be slightly disappointed that I spend so much time procrastinating).

Georgia Morris, Co- Editor

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