The Antonio Brown Saga


Jack Pittman, Copy Editor

Prior to Antonio’s Brown departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was one of the most feared wide receivers in the NFL. However, ever since he joined the Oakland Raiders, his career has only gone downhill. Here is a timeline of Antonio Brown’s fall from grace.


March: Signed with the Oakland Raiders.

July: Missed many days of training camp due to frostbitten feet acquired during a cryotherapy session.

August: Refused to attend more training due to his helmet being deemed unfit by the NFL.

September 4th: Publicly posted both his fines for missing practices and an argument with Mike Mayock, the general manager of the Raiders.

September 6th: Brown apologizes to the Raiders and posts a video with head coach John Gruden.

September 7th: Brown is released from the Raiders and posts a reaction video on YouTube.

September 9th: Signs with the New England Patriots.

September 10th: Brown is accused of sexual assault.

September 16th: Brown is accused of sexual assault by another woman in a Sports Illustrated article.

September 19th: Attempts to intimidate his second accuser via text.

September 20th: Brown is released by the Patriots.


As you can see, Brown’s last few months have been filled with controversy. The drama surrounding the football star has resulted in Brown unlikely to see an NFL field again, as most teams are unwilling to roll the dice on him.