2022 World Series Winners


Gabbi Ams , Photographer

Calling all baseball fans: the most important series of the year was played this weekend–the World Series. This year, the Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games.


The World Series is a seven-game series made up of the champion teams of the American League and National League. After the regular season is over, the postseason begins. The postseason bracket is made up of 12 teams, six from the American League and six from the National League, who play out three series of games on each side before the World Series: the NL/AL Wild Card Series, the NL/AL Divisional Series, and the NL/AL Championship Series.


Despite having made five trips to the World Series, the Astros are most famous for their cheating scandal in their 2017 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Astros were exposed for stealing pitch signs, and a rumor went around that they used buzzers to tell their batters what the next pitch would be, giving them an illegal upper hand against the Dodgers. Obviously, there’s always been the occasional batter at second base trying to decipher the catcher’s sign, but nothing too serious or effective. However, the Astros took it to the next level when they used their center field camera–which was given to both teams as a video replay review room to use during challenges–to steal the other team’s signs. The head coach, along with his players, would watch the signs off a TV in the dugout and bang on a trashcan to signal to the batter what pitch would be thrown. Although the Astros won the World Series that year by cheating, they did not have to forfeit their championship trophy. No players faced punishment, but both the manager and general manager were both fired in the wake of the scandal. This has caused lots of controversy in the MLB world and is still referenced and talked about today.


Last year’s World Series saw the Atlanta Braves defeat the Astros in six games. In the last five years, the Astros have made it to the World Series three times. They have lost once and won twice, and even though one win was by cheating, three World Series trips in five seasons is no easy feat.